AMONGST OTHERS A Speculative Re-reading of Keepsakes Keepsakes are given and/or kept. They are objects, objects that talk into memories of a person, of an event. But more than objects that merely serve associations, they are images. They fold together matter and a personal past and no longer allow for a separation between what is matter and what is memory. Amongst Others is an investigation presented in two forms, taking on the task of a nearly impossible separation between the subject and the object by expanding the object in such a way that the subject disappears and reappears. Through the process of becoming-keepsake, the subject is gathered as a sum of relations, then transformed into an object. Keepsakes do not just embody memories of the past but have themselves become embodied memories; objectified and crystallized as objects. Amongst Others intertwines fiction and academic reflection, collects ideas and experiments with object-oriented ontology to go to the heart of objects, to go between objects and then back to ourselves again. Setting out from the artist's grandfather’s glasses, we reach a rift that surrounds objects. Amongst others is an attempt to look at objects again, differently and intimately. Amongst Others won the GRA Award for the category thesis in 2015.


Mother and I, family photograph with a plastic bag full of soil that has the same weight as my own at birth inserted to the image. 2014.  © Baha Görkem Yalım 2012 All images on this site and their copyrights owned by Baha Görkem Yalım unless otherwise stated.