Fatherland, Video. 2015.
  • Exhibition text
    During the 12 September 1980 military coup in Turkey, in 1981, the artist’s grandfather got assassinated. Departing from what is left from him, the glasses he was wearing at the time of the shooting, there is an attempt to reconstruct a father figure. This brings the physical and nonphysical aspects to light. Artist builds a bridge from the figure’s reconstruction towards identity politics, of one’s self and of one's country. Fatherland wonders about ancestrality and the dislocated self. In the film the meaning of what is an image and the expectations of the viewer are questioned. What is enough to construct a person, what is enough to construct an image are questioned, parallel to each other. Obstacles redeems the image, the image redeems the figure.
Fatherland, HD video with sound, color, 06:14. 2015.
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