In Support: Support as Intimacy and Proximity, group exhibition / performance programme. 2017.
 Photo courtesy Sara Bjarland
  • Exhibition text
    In Support is an exhibition program in three parts taking place from June 10 to September 2, 2017, at De Kijkdoos (Amsterdam), a row of outdoor vitrines accessible to the public 24/7. Support’s first operational feature is its proximity. No support can take place outside a close encounter, getting entangled in a situation and becoming implicated in it. A desire emerges, an offer opens … it cannot rely on intellectual awareness or abstract information, but requires a proximity and intimacy. Celine Condorelli, Support Structures In Support: Support as Intimacy and Proximity is the first strand of an exhibition series in three parts. As the title suggests, this first intervention deals with support at the periphery of the personal. Proximity and intimacy are seen here as forms of responsibility and commitment to another and, therefore, of support. This chapter aims to awaken the enchanted notion that we are close even when we are far, we are friends even when haven’t met. Support as Intimacy and Proximity formalises the qualities and quantities projected by the framework and the performance through a threading of objects and images. The series of sculptures can be seen as multi-dimensional collages, proposing a compositionist imagining that can perhaps be read as a series of abstracted tarot cards How far can you be? is a performance by Aldo E. Ramos. The performance focuses on the unresolved case of 43 students who were disappeared by the police on September 26, 2014 in the city of Iguala, Guerrero, in Mexico. Ramos, himself a political refugee, created this provocative and moving performance with keepsakes belonging to the students. The keepsakes were given to him by the parents of the students as an act of trust both in his talent in passing on their stories and messages and his capacity to take care of the objects. The performance informs the audience about the Mexican students through their personal experiences. Whereas the media represents them only through pictures of their faces, Ramos’s work aims to convey a deeper understanding of who the students were. Using the past tense to speak about the students is difficult and traumatic, as what happened to them has still not been revealed by the government. Ramos allows the audience to experience the event in a more real and vivid way. The disappearance of the students from Iguala is not an isolated case; incidents like these have occurred regularly in the last few years. This story has become a metaphor for the Mexican situation more generally. In Support: “Support as Intimacy and Proximity” June 10 – July 8, 2017 De Kijkdoos Weesperstraat 51, Amsterdam Open 24/7 Performance: “How Far Can You Be?” by Aldo E. Ramos June 10, 19:00 “In Support” is realized with the support of Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst / AFK
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